Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry was formed in March 2015 when Fr Gerard initially called for expressions of interest. The first meeting was attended by many enthusiastic volunteers, including those already involved in ministering to the sick and housebound, and those prepared to join this new role.

Since the first meeting in March, the committee members have been working towards identifying Pastoral Care volunteers, recipients and their needs. Many thanks to all those Pastoral Care Volunteers who have assisted us to achieve this goal.

We have now a system in place whereby we can quickly provide assistance to anyone in need of Pastoral Care support.

Who can benefit from Pastoral Care support? Those who can’t come to Mass and receive communion are our major focus: There may be other practical ways in which we can help those who are housebound or isolated including those who may need to be visited by a priest. Our Pastoral Care Group can help to organise this support.

Please contact the Parish Office (3359 0239) or any of the committee members if you need support or if you know of anyone who is in need.

St Vincent de Paul

Each of our Churches has a very active Conference of St Vincent de Paul helping and supporting people in need, especially in our local areas.

Pope Francis recently said “When we are generous in welcoming the poor and sharing something with them—some money, our time—not only do they no longer remain poor—We are enriched.”

Our faith helps us to see hope, because we have the gift of our family, friends and the love of God within us. Many people don’t receive the support that we take for granted. It is possible to add hope and dignity to the life of someone in need through the St Vincent de Paul Society.

If you need assistance, please contact the St Vincent de Paul Office on 3010 1096.

Wheller Gardens and Wheller on the Park

Wheller Gardens, a residential care facility and Wheller on the Park, a retirement community run by Wesley Mission, Brisbane, are in our Parish area.

St Paschal’s Church has had a long history of service to the Catholic community of Wheller Gardens with parishioners taking communion a to the sick and housebound and monthly Masses being held for the residents in the Chapel.

Many senior parishioners have moved to the retirement community at Wheller on the Park. A thriving Catholic support group has been set up among the resident community and Masses are celebrated every three months in the Cinema area.


There has been a long history of association between the local hospitals and the Parish.

In earlier times, the priests from St Paschal’s were Chaplains to the Prince Charles Hospital. . Our Parish Community supports both hospitals. Many parishioners have been, and are still active, especially in the role of bringing Holy Communion to the sick and have found this a really rewarding ministry.