The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a program for non-Catholics who are interested in (or even just thinking about) joining the Catholic Church. It is also appropriate for teenagers and adults who have been baptised but have not completed their sacraments. It provides an understanding of the Christian faith as it is lived and celebrated in the Catholic tradition. Meetings are relaxed, informal, and offer an opportunity to share thoughts, questions, and aspirations with others interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith.

Enquiries are welcome at any time and the enquirer will be linked with members of the RCIA Team and supported through the more structured meetings.
The process culminates in the reception of the sacraments of initiation by those who are ready at the Easter Vigil Mass.
Enquirers are encouraged to come and meet with others on a similar journey – to talk, to listen, and to discern together. There is no obligation or pressure.
Further information and initial enquiries may be made to the sacramental co-ordinator.
When possible, a separate process is organised for teenagers so that they may discuss topics of interest in the company of their peers.

Catholics Returning Home

This is a structured programme which aims to assist people who have become alienated from the Catholic Church and wish to return to the faith of their younger days.
This programme is offered as necessary – but his has been found to be fairly infrequently. People in this situation should contact the Sacramental Coordinator who will be able to advise on an appropriate option to facilitate their return to the community.