Bookings for Masses – Click HERE

In line with Covid-19 restrictions, there are on-going changes to Mass times and requirements. 

The Current Mass Times are:

Saturdays:      St Gerard’s         4.30pm
Saturdays:      St Paschal’s        6.00pm
Sundays:        St Gerard’s         8.00am
Sundays:        St Paschal’s        9.30am
Sundays:        St Gerard’s         5.30pm

Weekday Mass Times

Fridays:          St Gerard’s         9.00am

It is essential to book if you intend coming to Mass, including weekday Masses.

To do this, click the link abovechoose your Mass and complete the booking.

Note: Bookings or each week’s Masses will open after 12 noon on Mondays and close at 12 noon on Fridays. Bookings for Weekday Masses will open after 12 noon Mondays and close at 12 noon on Thursdays.

Be Aware:
   You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to assist with checking-in procedures.
   Once seated, please do not move around the church.
   Please observe social distancing at all times.
   Do not come if you are not feeling well.