Primary School Children:

Preparation of primary school children for the sacraments is carried out according to the Archdiocesan Sacramental Guidelines. .

Children in Year 3 are accepted into the Parish programme to prepare them to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Confirmation will be received in the latter part of Year 3 with  First Holy Communion in Year 4. Older primary school children (Year 4 or 5)  who have not completed these sacraments are also accepted into the programme.

The next intake of children in the sacramental programme will be children who are in Year 3 (or older) in 2020. Dates for enrolment for the 2020/2021 programme will be advised by about March 2020. Please check the website then. Enrolment forms will be available from both churches, our Parish School and on the website – after the dates have been advised.

Note: Baptism Children who wish to be prepared to receive the Sacraments must be baptised before enrolment.  If children are not already baptised, you should check the arrangements for this process and prepare for baptism now.

Please note that Sacramental Preparation is the responsibility of the Parish, not the Catholic School, (though the Parish is extremely grateful for the support provided by our Local School). Thus you should expect to be provided with the latest information through Parish sources such as the Weekly Newsletter.

Teenagers and Adults:

Preparation for these sacraments as well as Baptism is carried out through the RCIA process.  Please contact the Sacramental Coordinator for any further enquiries. ( Click Here for additional information about RCIA